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HerbalAide Aches&Pains Salve


HerbalAide Aches&Pains Salve is a soothing anti-inflammatory, analgesic treatment that eases aching muscles, nerve pain and general inflammatory complaints.  This salve is not intended to be used on open wounds, as it is hot (but certainly use it at your own discretion).  Aches&Pains salve is more than a pain reliever; it contains botanicals that promote cell and tissue regeneration, circulation, nerve relaxation and regeneration, and tissue healing.

Aches&Pains salve is handcrafted in small batches using organic/wildcrafted ingredients: Olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, cayenne, arnica, St. John's wort, peppermint, comfrey, essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, camphor, menthol, birch, clove, cassia, and cajeput.  

 Prices include shipping and will change as necessary to reflect shipping and ingredient price increases.  You may choose first class or priority.  Because of USPS weight restrictions and price increases, I will ship only one tin with first class pricing.  Multiple tin orders will go priority.  You will receive a 10% discount for buying more than two tins.   

A warm-weather warning:  the salves will melt if left in the heat for any length of time.  This reality is exacerbated during the shipping process when salve orders sit in mailboxes outside in the heat.  If your salve order has been sitting outside in the heat, please place it in the refrigerator for an hour before opening tins.  If the package is placed in your mailbox on its side and the salves begin to melt, leakage may occur.  There is nothing practical I can do about the nature of salve melting, except to only place orders during cooler months of the year.  It is quite cost inefficient to mail with special "warm-weather" packaging, which includes special heat reflective bags, styrofoam, and cooler packs.

2 oz. + Priority Shipping
2 oz. + First Class Shipping

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