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HerbalAide "Cramp and Labor Oil"

My cramp oil is an analgesic/sedative blend handcrafted with organic or wildcrafted herbs and essential oils.  This blend reduces pain and inflammation and promotes relaxation.  It is formulated to provide releif for menstrual cramping and to reduce labor pain ... it helps to balance female hormones.  This analgesic oil is also therapeutic for headaches, spasms, general aches and pains, baby's colic, as well as sleeplessness and irritability.  


  • Herbal infusion of organic or wildcrafted (by me) Arnica and St. John's Wort (I steep these infusions in organic extra virgin olive oil)
  • Essential Oils of Clary SageLavenderRoman ChamomileYlang Ylang

Apply oil to abdomen, lower back, legs and anywhere else you experience discomfort during contractions or cramping, as often as needed.  No dilution needed!

As an all purpose analgesic blend, apply to areas where needed.  This is safe for babies, too!  Please avoid getting in your eyes.



Prices are subject to change and include shipping (priority flat rate).  The oils used in my formula are costly, and my pricing reflects that.  Currently, I have found no similar analgesic blends available.  If you desire to purchase more than two bottles or a 2 oz. or larger bottle size, please contact me at ewwherbals at gmail dot com.

1 oz. Labor Oil Priority


I have personally used this blend for three births with great success.  Even during my water births, which are already less painful than land births, the oil helped during the most intense contractions.  For my last two births, I applied labor oil liberally to abdomen and back at the beginning of active labor, before getting into the tub.  I did not need any further applications...but I have fast labors.  :)


My mentor and friend, a Certified Professional and Licensed Midwife, uses this labor oil with all her clients and testifies to its power and effect in reducing labor pain.  

In spring of 2013, Sue was with a "last-minute" client that she had accepted at 41 weeks with a baby that refused to drop and engage.  After 42 weeks and no engagement, nor onset of labor, the woman decided to go to hospital for induction.  Sue went along to provide support for the stubborn and painful labor.  The woman was on pitocin for 15 hours with no epidural...talk about a painful labor!  Sue applied labor oil continuously to the woman, rubbing her back and legs to help soothe her through contractions.  

One of the labor nurses came into the room, curiously observing Sue and the laboring woman, and finally asked, "What's that smell?  What are you using?  It smells good."  Sue told the nurse about the analgesic oil, to which the nurse replied, "Would it help my headache?  I've had it all day."  Sue applied some of the oil to the nurse's temples and neck, and within minutes the nurse said her headache was diminishing.  

Soon after, a different labor nurse entered the room as Sue was continuing to massage her client.  This nurse said, "I heard you have something in here for headaches.  Wow, this room smells great; I feel more relaxed just standing in here."  Sue gave the oil to the second nurse, to apply at will.  Her headache, also, diminished.  Both nurses were impressed with the quality of the oil, not to mention the response of the laboring mother...her pain was helped by the blend as well!


"I used the labor oil for my first labor. Laying on my bed, I would hold the oil in one hand, and would lather it on during contractions. I used the oil in conjunction with rice pads, and it helped take the edge off of the contractions. I have passed it onto all of my pregnant friends!"  -- T. K, first-time homebirth mom


Further testimonials forthcoming.  

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