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HerbalAide Super Salve

Formulated and hand-crafted with more than 20 botanical healing components, Super Salve is truly an all-purpose first aid skin remedy.  I have found nothing comparable to it available.  

Because the salve is handcrafted with fresh and dried herbs, natural beeswax, etc, there will be slight natural variations in color and perhaps texture from batch to batch, as well as granular "herbal bits" that settle at the bottom of the tin.  This does not effect the salve's efficacy, just its aesthetics.  Additionally, I do not keep a large stock on-hand.  I create batches throughout the month based on demand.  

Super Salve is created in small batches from organic and wildcrafted ingredients:  Comfrey, Plantain, Calendula, Arnica, Chickweed, Echinacea, Olive Leaf, St. John’s Wort, Horsetail, Self Heal, Neem, Lavender (herb and EO), Oregon Grape Root, Aloe Vera, Rosemary (herb and EO), Tea Tree EO, Eucalyptus EO, Birch EO, Propolis, Cayenne, Organic Olive Oil or Grapeseed Oil, Beeswax, Kokum Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Vitamin E.  See below for testimonials.


 Prices include shipping and are subject to change.  You may choose first class or priority.  Because of USPS weight restrictions and price increases, I will ship only up to two tins with first class pricing.  Three or more tin orders will go priority.  You will receive a 10% discount for an order containing three or more tins.  

A warm-weather warning:  the salves will melt if left in the heat for any length of time.  This reality is exacerbated during the shipping process when salve orders sit in mailboxes outside in the heat.  If your salve order has been sitting outside in the heat, please place it in the refrigerator for an hour before opening tins.  If the package is placed in your mailbox on its side and the salves begin to melt, leakage may occur.  There is nothing practical I can do about the nature of salve melting, except to only place orders during cooler months of the year.  It is quite cost inefficient to mail with special "warm-weather" packaging, which includes special heat reflective bags, styrofoam, and cooler packs.

2 oz. + First Class Shipping
2 oz. + Priority Shipping


“Because of working around the farm, I get all kinds of scrapes, cuts, nicks, etc on my arms and hands.  I simply use the Super Salve in the evening and by the next morning, the swelling is gone and healing has begun.  I love this stuff and no odor either and of course the ingredients are ones I can pronounce.” — Marcia, Missouri 

"It did wonders for my eczema, which I have been struggling with since pregnancy...I tried just about everything on the market. I put a little (salve) on when a new hot spot flared and it went away without becoming another episode.  I liked both texture and smell...It didn't cause any problems with our diapers." -- Kiki, mom and cloth diaper user

"I LOVE it! Works great for cuts, burns, and bug bites... I have had the pleasure of testing it on all three of these things. Helps heal very quickly, and doesn't burn wounds at all.  My almost 2 year old comes up to me now, holds out his hand, and says "boo" just so I'll put some on his finger! He loves it, too, and so does my hubbie. Even as much as we used the salve, we still have tons left, so it lasts a long time too, which is awesome!" -- Amanda, mom and cloth diaper user

"Well I have to tell you that this stuff works...I got some fire ants on me and they bit me and hurt like heck and I immediately put this stuff on and the burn went away - AWESOME STUFF!!!!!"  -- M. Tellier, Steelville, MO

"I have used it on a blistered burn, eczema rashes, a cut from picking crabs that was fairly open and got red and infected looking, and tons of cuts on my husband's hand from his work. We did not notice any burning, it was actually rather soothing. Also, I was amazed that my blistered burn from my flat iron went away in 2 days!!! It was the first thing my husband reached for (he calls it "that balmy stuff").  I LOVE the smell of the salve! The texture is really nice and I like that it isn't too greasy like some others." -- Amy, mom and cloth diaper user

"The miracle salve truly works miracles!! We use it for EVERYTHING in our house. It is our go-to when anything is wrong. I LOVE it as diaper cream, especially since it is safe for cloth diapers. It was AMAZING postpartum for my stitches. And my husband, who is a non-believer in all things that cannot be bought in a traditional grocery store, uses it for EVERYTHING!! He has even used it when antibiotic creams have done nothing!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS AMAZING PRODUCT!!" -- Tiffany, mom and cloth diaper user

“I love the Super Salve!!!  We have used it for diaper rash, burns, skin rashes, and insect bites.  The other day I burned my arm on the oven so I grabbed the Super Salve, applied some to my burn and within seconds the pain was gone.  I couldn't find a scar or mark later.  My son was also stung by a bee on his toe and the area swelled up to about the size of a dime.  I applied the Super Salve to his sting and a few minutes later I heard my son running around in the yard.  When he came inside, there was no swelling and no mention of it again.  My toddler sometimes gets diaper rash and one night it was particularly red and painful.  I applied the Super Salve and the next morning the rash was almost completely gone.  I could tell that the Salve was soothing for her pain too.”  -- Mindy, mom of five

“HerbalAide Super Salve is food for my skin.  I use it on every skin ailment I can think of; chapped lips, sunburn, diaper rash, healing wounds, and dry skin.  I love this stuff and the care and research that was used to develop it.  It's Super!"  -- Jennifer, mom of six

“I dropped an oak beam on my foot and it split open the side of my big toe...it was pretty bad...peeled the skin completely off!  After two weeks of using Super Salve, you could barely see the scar.  It healed amazingly fast and reduced my pain, too.”  -- J.S, dad of three

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