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Don't Live Under a Rock, Accept the Truth and Reject Factory Farms

The following is a creative look at life in factory farms, produced for Animals Australia, a project hoping to end the factory farm system.  Bravo!


Animals Australia - Pigs fly. And sing. With chickens. from FSM on Vimeo.


Your food should not come from factory farms.  Not only are the farms significant sources of harmful pollution, but the animals are not raised by the principles of honorable animal husbandry.  They are not healthily and safely fed, and the resulting food products are both toxic and malnourishing.  Farmers producing SOLE food (sustainable, organic, local, ETHICAL) should receive our dollars, not the industrial factory farm system.  Buy from small operation, pasture-based (at the least true free range) farmers who care not only about the quality of the food they produce, but about the animals in their care.

(If you need more convincing about why you should preserve your health by avoiding factory farmed food, just consider one example: most industrial pork is contaminated with pathogenic bacteria.)

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