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Aside from the people I love, there is nothing I enjoy more in life than good books (good food, particularly excellent sushi, is a close second)! Libraries and used book stores are my favorite places to whittle away hours. As a bibliophile, I believe that no matter how advanced we become technologically, there is no replacement for REAL (paper) books. A complete education requires the reading of books (and the brain responds differently to reading paper vs. reading on a screen). Read, read, read, study, study, think, learn...the key to autodidactic success.

This is a slowly growing condensed list of recommended reading from my personal library (a more comprehensive list can be seen at Radically Natural Living). Each of these books may not be my favorite, nor do I agree with every word printed...but my library is indispensable to my life and skills inventory.  I would not be who I am were it not for books.  Perhaps you will recognize some of your own favorites here, or spy a new inspiration.  Happy reading!

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