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EveryWiseWoman Herbals is my line of pure, handmade botanical remedies.  I infuse all my herbals oils, a process similar to tincturing.  I do not distill my own essential oils (I purchase from Mountain Rose Herbs, Hopewell Essential Oils, and the Utah-based eo companies).  My current offerings are my best sellers.  I have not yet listed my tinctures and teas for sale online, but hope to do so in the near future.

(I'm not a "business," I'm just a mama who is also an herbalist, doing healing work whenever time allows.  I greatly appreciate your support! I currently do herb work on weekends only, so I appreciate your patience when ordering!  For special order requests, please contact me at ewwherbals at gmail dot com.)

HerbalAide Super Salve

HerbalAide Aches&Pains Salve

HerbalAide Labor Oil Analgesic Blend

HerbalAide Whipped Body Butter



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