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Summer Shipping Warning:

Please be aware that the salve is a natural, handmade product with no stabilizers...it will soften and possibly melt if left in the heat for too long (ie: your car, outside in the sun, in an outdoor mailbox).  When ordering, please be sure to check your mailbox at the expected shipment arrival time, so the product does not sit in a hot outdoor mailbox and melt.  If the salve does sit outside in the heat, please do not open the salve tin immediately...place the sealed salve in your refrigerator for an hour so it may set.  Thank you!

EWWHerbals Products

EveryWiseWoman Herbals is my line of pure, handmade botanical remedies.  I infuse all my herbals oils, a process similar to tincturing.  I do not distill my own essential oils (I purchase from Mountain Rose Herbs, Hopewell Essential Oils, and the Utah-based eo companies).  My current offerings are my best sellers.  I have not yet listed my tinctures and teas for sale online, but hope to do so in the near future.

(I'm not a "business," I'm just a mama who is also an herbalist, doing healing work whenever time allows.  I greatly appreciate your support! I currently do herb work on weekends only, so I appreciate your patience when ordering!)

HerbalAide Super Salve

HerbalAide Aches&Pains Salve

HerbalAide Labor Oil Analgesic Blend

HerbalAide Whipped Body Butter



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