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Strep Throat Remedies

  • osha root herb (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, expectorant, decongestant) = well-suited for respiratory ailments, viral infections of throat and sinuses; often combined with echinacea and goldenseal for use against viral infections; large amounts can be stimulating.
  • usnea herb (antibacterial, antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral, parasitic, tuberculostatic) = a beneficial lichen, usnea is one of the strongest botanical antibiotics we have; effective against strep, staph, trichomonas, tuberculosis and infected wounds. 
  • charcoal sludge: Mix 1 Tb. activated charcoal powder with a small amount of water (4 to 6 oz.).  Stir and sip slowly, even gargle, then sip.  The charcoal coats the throat and significantly reduces pain.  Additionally, wet a Qtip and dip in charcoal powder...dab onto most irritated spots in back of throat.  Coating the tissue with charcoal greatly diminishes pain.

For herbal tinctures, use 30 drops in warm water every three hours (use half this dosage for children).  For miserable acute illness, dose more aggressively, such as 20 drops in water every hour.  Do this for three to five days, reduce dose as you begin to improve.

EOs for sore throat

  • peppermint (drink a few drops in water, gargle with it, apply directly to inner back of throat, especially for strep...use 1-2 drops initially, peppermint can burn)
  • oregano
  • cypress
  • lemon
  • tea tree
  • ginger
  • myrrh
  • geranium
  • lavender

EOs can be diffused in the air, rubbed on the throat, chest, bottoms of feet, and taken internally (if they are pure therapeutic grade).  Dilute EOs with a carrier oil (1 Tb. carrier oil to 10 drops EO) when using on sensitive areas of the body, such as the skin on the throat and chest.  Lavender and tea tree usually do not need dilution.

Because oregano oil is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, I recommend using 5 drops oregano oil with 5 drops peppermint oil in 6 oz. (or similar small amount) of warm water as a gargle.  You should also drink oregano oil...the oils will fight infection and reduce pain.  Try 5 drops diluted with water up to five times daily.  Another option is encapsulated oregano, such as Oregamax.  For viral infection, I use 2 caps/3x daily.

A wonderful remedy for sore throats of any variety is gargling with 3% food-grade hydrogen peroxide.  It is best if you begin gargling at the onset of any sore throat...any scratchiness, tingling and/or discomfort.  H2O2 is particularly potent and when used regularly, can be very effective in dealing with strep.  Dilute 1 Tb. 3% food grade H2O2 in 4 oz. warm water and gargle, repeat as often as needed.  Adding 1 tsp. sea salt and a couple drops of a Thieves-like essential oil (or pepperment) will make this gargle far more effective.  The burning, stinging, fizzing sensation when using hydrogen peroxide means that the H2O2 is destroying pathogens.  Perform this gargle hourly throughout the day.  

Remember to treat yourself for general infection with increased vitamin C.  Liposomal C is a wonderful option for absorption and utilization.  Mercola sells liposomal C, and you can make your own.  If you do not have access to liposomal C, use the best quality (not ascorbic acid) vitamin C you can find, preferably from berries.  Use up to 10,000 mg. C daily for acute infection (half this much for children).  Take a morning and midday dose of 5,000 mg each.  Also take a double dose of cod liver oil to ensure enough vitamin A (the infection-fighting vitamin) and its counterpart vitamin D.  I recommend Rosita's or Carlson's CLOs.  You would take 2 teaspoons daily for acute illness.

Learn many more remedies for coughs and sore throats in my full-length article here.


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