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Ever Wonder Why Commercial OJ ALWAYS Tastes So Good?

The truth about orange juice should come as no surprise to those of us who have begun to lift the lid on the dirty little secrets of the food industry.  But just in case you may be holding on to the hope that there is truth in labeling, or that Real Food can be mass produced and sold commercially without degrading quality, I am going to throw out this quick little bit of information.

Commercial orange juice is not real food.  There is a reason that carton after carton (even the "pure," not-from-concentrate kind), OJ exhibits an identical flavor profile.  That sweet citrus rush is not natural.  I enjoyed the truth-revealing post on the Food Renegade blog and thought I'd use it to kick off my "Did You Know" journal.

Read about the secret ingredient that sells orange juice and please pass it on.  Then, grab some ripe organic oranges (if you are able, you blessed warm-climate denizens) and make your own Real orange juice.  Or, better yet, eat them whole...keeping the fiber with the juice reduces negative fructose sugar impacts on your system.

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