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If You Eat Industrial Beef, You Could Be Ingesting Pink Slime

Just talking about pink slime brings to my mind that old clip of Charlton Heston, in the film Soylent Green, screaming...."It's people!!  Soylent Green is made of people!!"  Now, pink slime isn't made from people (at least not that I'm aware), but it is disgusting...and it's an unlabeled ingredient in commercial ground beef products.  You know, the stuff you buy in the conventional grocery store, or order in any non-organic, non-slow food restaurant, or even have fed to your children at school.  

Pink slime is a popular news item of late, but how many consumers heard of it before now?  Likely not the masses of people who have been ingesting the stuff.  Pink slime is "a food additive consisting of heated and processed beef scrap waste treated with ammonium hydroxide to kill bacteria. This matter closely resembles disinfected beef puree. The material is not sold directly to consumers on its own, but is used as a filler in ground beef."  (Thanks, Wikipedia.)  To learn more about pink slime, read the links below.

This repulsive, harmful non-food product composed of animal waste...who knows exactly what and which parts...appears in 70% of supermarket ground beef and regularly fills fast food burgers (yes, we see you, McDonald's!).  If John Q. Public wasn't convinced before that no one should be eating the poison that passes for food at such establishments, perhaps this will be the needed catalyst for conviction.

I add the pink slime tale to the annals of "just another reason to ONLY eat REAL food."  The only slime I encounter is what grows on my kombucha scoby.  And I know that's good for me.

The silver lining to this slimy cloud is the impact that activism is having on the pink slime industry, actually causing the shut down of the plants that produce the vile stuff.  So the next time you think that your concern, your voice, your efforts to fight the madness pervading our society is all for nought, remember the slime.

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