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Forced Vaccination is Medical Rape

Statements on the Insanity, Illegitimacy and Tyranny of Forced Vaccination

Vaccination is NOT immunization.

Vaccines have never been proven safe or effective.

Vaccines do not confer herd immunity.

Vaccine proponents’ claims are based on fear, not fact.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers fabricate falsehoods and propagate panic.

Pharmaceutical executives are not philanthropists.

Pharmaceutical companies do not know what is best for me, for my family, for humanity.

The government does not know what is best for me, for my family, for humanity.  We cannot confer God-like characteristics upon government.

The CDC and FDA are not unbiased organizations that proclaim and promote empirical science.  They suppress scientific fact they do not approve.  They misrepresent data to serve their agenda.

Forced vaccination is medical rape.

It is a violation of bodily autonomy and human rights.

This is when we may righteously proclaim: My body, my choice.

Forced vaccination in the name of the “common good” … an unproven claim at best, is no different than forced sterilization for humanity’s “protection” against the purported scourge of overpopulation. 

Measles is not a plague leaving a mass of death and destruction in its wake.

Yet thousands are maimed, debilitated, killed by vaccines…and the medical establishment refuses to openly acknowledge vaccine-induced injuries and death.

The CDC is eager to tell us that serious cases of measles can lead to brain damage, even death, due to encephalitis.  The CDC fails to tell people that vaccines can lead to brain damage, even death…that the vaccination process can cause encephalitis.

Measles deaths from 2004 to 2015: Zero

Vaccine deaths resulting from measles vaccines 2004 to 2015: 108 reported

(VAERS is a voluntary reporting system, and as such, is not an accurate representation of all vaccine damage/death cases that occur. *)

If vaccines are so effective, why are unvaccinated people a threat?  Do you not trust the vaccines you profess to be the answer?  Why are you afraid?  Do you truly understand the diseases you so desperately fear?  Do you understand how to prepare your body to fight?

Seek answers. Do not blindly ingest the offered pablum. Study as much as possible despite the difficulties. Granted, this is becoming more difficult with increasingly fascist encroachment. The powers that be…the revolving door of corruption and cronyism between industry and government, as well as the oligarchs…are actively suppressing information, obfuscating and promoting smear campaigns so We the People have little access to genuine information, scientific evidence-based truth.  Government agents, medical profiteers, and the conventional media spin data and silence opposition.  When the few companies who control the dissemination of information (ie google and amazon) blatantly squash first amendment free speech rights,** bombarding us only with the droning voice of the official party line, we all should see red…red flags.  Thinking people should question the motivation of such totalitarian tactics.

The rabid anti-choice establishment cronies have long followed the advice of John D. Rockefeller’s PR propaganda stooge, Edward Bernays: “If you say it long enough, loud enough, people will believe it.” To the terrorized, trusting populace that kowtow to the destructive messages of control and tyranny, I humbly submit that your believe doesn’t determine truth.


As of November 30, 2018, there have been more than 93,179 reports of measles vaccine reactions, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following measles vaccinations made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), including 459 related deaths, 6,936 hospitalizations, and 1,748 related disabilities. Over 50% of those adverse events occurred in children three years old and under. However, the numbers of vaccine-related injuries and deaths reported to VAERS may not reflect the true number of serious health problems that occur develop after MMR vaccination.

Even though the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 legally required pediatricians and other vaccine providers to report serious health problems following vaccination to federal health agencies (VAERS), many doctors and other medical workers giving vaccines to children and adults fail to report vaccine-related health problem to VAERS. There is evidence that only between one and 10 percent of serious health problems that occur after use of prescription drugs or vaccines in the U.S. are ever reported to federal health officials, who are responsible for regulating the safety of drugs and vaccines and issue national vaccine policy recommendations.17,18,19,20 21





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