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In Some States the Cesarean Rate Is at 39+%

Because this journal format is intended to be "fast facts to make you think," I will not use this post to explain our culture's broken birth system, nor will I write a treatise on the ills that befall women as a result.  Suffice it to say that the ever-growing C-section rate is a dismal result of the birth industry's unnatural, unhealthy, illegitimate, technocratic factory approach to pregnancy and birth.  

It might be called a crime against women, but they are willing (unwittingly perhaps) participants.  Because too many women do not themselves understand what their bodies have been designed to do, they believe the lies in which we are indoctrinated from girlhood.  They neglect to question the cascade of interventions and technological "requirements" of hospital birth, hence they end up victims of the system and the doctors that they "trusted."

It need not be this way.  And our empowerment as women who can birth begins with knowledge.

Please read the links here to understand this crucial issue affecting a society of women and children.

Cesarean rates by state (and keep in mind these ever-increasing numbers are nearly three years old...)

The Unnecesarean post: Defending Ourselves Against Defensive Medicine (an excellent index of articles explaining how we got here)

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