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The War Rages...Please Fight for Real Milk and Your Health Rights

I know I said the next few posts were going back to topics other than Real Food, but this is too important to ignore.  I am irate...and as such, will keep my vociferations as brief as possible.  I am utterly disgusted with the latest governmental raw milk witch hunt.  I apologize in advance, but this is going to be rant-like...you've been warned.

Yesterday the CA Dept. of Food and Ag. shut down Organic Pasture's raw milk operation with allegations that five children were infected by e. coli that was "suspected" to come from OP milk.  Samples of the milk that those children consumed have tested negative for e. coli.  Read more here:

Organic Pastures News Release

ABC Fresno Report

This is a war, my friends.  Our government, based on nothing more than corporate interests, wants to deny you access to raw milk.  The fear-mongering is becoming more intense, the allegations and intrusions more vigorous.  For years, these battles have been raging; the Real Food "little guys" have been fighting goliath...it isn't getting any easier, and it isn't going away.  

This is not the first time Organic Pastures has been under the gun with governmental agencies.  The grass-based raw dairy weathered the storm five years ago when falsely accused of selling milk infected with malevolent e. coli.  And in 2009, the FDA tried to get California to shut down OP permanently.  It isn't enough that our government has already banned interstate sales of real milk...the goal is to eradicate raw milk sales altogether.

The powers that be want absolute control over our lives, our choices...and they will cheat and lie to achieve that end.  The corrupt, meddling industrial food and medical interests (led by the FDA and its state agency cronies) will stop at nothing to achieve its goals.  This is an outrage, because the FDA operates as a power unto itself...untouchable...using its authority to change the rights of every American.  For these unelected "regulatory" agencies to exert such control is anathema to the very foundations of this country's originally established governmental system.  These agency actions are a violation of our rights in every way.

Why am I so upset?  Is it really such a big deal?  OP will win this skirmish, too, right?  In my mind, this is not a small affair.  It is another fissure in our already crumbling personal freedom fortress.  Certainly we have no guarantee that right will win the day...it simply does not work that way anymore in our overblown, corporate-run government.  The "agents of regulation" are not on our side.

Raw milk is not the only victim of the FDA's wrath.  The agency is currently working on another way to considerably limit public access to supplements.  Again, this particular fight is not new, just increasingly ugly.  Our freedom of choice...and the ability of the free market to operate...will be significantly diminished if the FDA enacts its proposed revised guidelines for "new dietary ingredients" (NDI).  

Currently, our access to supplements is protected primarily by the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA).  But if the FDA has its way, bringing to market any new ingredient (since 1994) will be so onerously expensive for companies that very few could be able to do so.  Except, of course...drumroll please...pharmaceutical companies.  Ah, I didn't really expect you to be surprised.  I know it shouldn't, but the cronyism never ceases to amaze me.  If you do not already understand the depths of depravity in the pharmaceutical industry, I regret my inability to enlighten you now.  Suffice it to say that it will not be a good thing when pharmaceutical companies have unmitigated control...and they desire nothing less.

Please visit the Alliance for Natural Health to learn more about this threat to your health freedom and what actions you can take against yet another draconian FDA move.

So, I come to the end of today's fulmination.  We see raging before us the war on personal freedom, on food freedom, on health freedom.  What can we do?  I'm not sure...it seems we now have so little power and control over our own fates in this country.  Will contacting congressional members really stem the tide of these and future violations?  Considering the corruption deeply embedded in our government, I put no trust in the system.  But we must fight...raise our voices, refuse to comply...be awake, aware, contend against complacency.

I am a tiny voice...truly insignificant in this realm.  But I am contributing my voice and entreating you to care, to learn and to fight.

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