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Radically Natural Revolution Resolutions...

As usual, life got ahead of me and my best intentions were waylaid...interrupted by reality. So here I am, one month behind my original schedule, writing my, "Hey, I'm back...Happy New Year!" post. Life became more hectic than I expected over the "holiday season," and I took a well-needed, albeit slightly frenzied, interval to reflect on priorities, needs and purposes for my time. This period of cogitation helped me to shape my goals for the coming year, and I'd like to share with you my resolutions for Radically Natural Living.

Revolution! Yes, I'd like to start one...but I can't quit my day job. Nonetheless, I'd love to work on the front lines of the small but growing revolution of awareness awakening people to the truth about food, healing, and purposeful (natural) living. I plan to continue to add my voice to the chorus proclaiming, "Learn the truth! Seize control! Take back your lives from profit-hungry, brainwashing, tyrannical industries, regulators and "professionals." You can do it; we can do it together." It feels like our society is coming to a precipice, with a heretofore slow-growing, swelling momentum propelling us out of apathy. Let 2012 be the year we put our stake in the ground, revolt against the hundred-year lie, and liberate ourselves and our families in the name of health freedom.

Next, a resolutionary plea, to you from me: Read More! Read, read, read and keep reading...there is so much to learn and so little time. There is no better way to become your own expert (reading and apprenticing are the cornerstones). Make reading a daily part of your personal and family growth. And, on behalf of the written word, I beseech you...continue to read real books, at least include them in your cache of materials. As corny as it may sound, I believe real, physical books are good for the soul. From the beginning of mankind, people have inscribed their thoughts onto tangible matter. Physically experiencing words on the page enlists senses and activates brainwaves. I am an obsessive bibliophile, and I wish people everywhere would begin a love affair anew with real books.  In the spirit of sharing, I wanted to give you a little tour of my library by peppering pictures throughout the rest of this post. 

I am so grateful to those of you who have been reading and following this blog. I never expected, when I launched this experiment, to garner any support beyond dear friends and some polite family members, LOL. But through this platform, I have been privileged to communicate to and with new people...like-minded kindred spirits...adding a richness to my life and my experience of the important issues that are near and dear to my heart. But despite my best efforts, my blog is rather "un-bloggish" with its lack of regular, timely contributions and comment forum. I have a storehouse of articles in the works, but find time to be a diminishing commodity. I could not possibly take the time to answer comments, and I certainly would want to address each one, so I chose to avoid the temptation. 

I have realized that as much as I desire otherwise, I cannot be all things to all people. Fulfilling my obligations (homeschooling, homesteading, home healthcare, herbalism, real food cooking, studying/researching, etc.) and attempting to juggle other work (health consultations, editing, writing, more studying) was proving too much of a stretch. Because my children come first, they are the plumb line by which I measure all other activities. Ergo, the stint of self-reflection and resolution. [Self-check #1: I cannot continue to steal time from my children or my sleep to compose articles. Insomniacs Unite! heehee... Seriously, cortisol imbalances are no fun...]
I am not someone who generally makes, nor keeps, "New Year's resolutions." But it certainly cannot hurt to use the coming of a new year to re-evaluate where we are in life...to clean house mentally (even physically). So I have resolved to tone down my passions and pursuits when they conflict with my ability to do the most needful enterprises. For me, that is family and food, "health, hearth and home" responsibilities first...activism as time allows. I could never feel completely fulfilled without outreach, though, so I am attempting to schedule my writing of original content articles. I hope to publish at least once monthly. Of course, impassioned snippets and alerts will likely show up randomly ("News Flash! Madness abounds...Fight back!" you know the drill, eh? LOL), as well as unplanned inspirations and impassioned topics of personal interest. I suppose that is the beauty of the blog format.

While my presence here may be less routine, my goal and purpose is unchanged. I desire to be a source of encouragement to anyone desiring to learn more about health freedom and how to practice self-care, and to be a partnering voice to everyone currently in the real health and real food fight. As my blog's name suggests, I am a radical...I imagine my ideas and beliefs at times may seem revolutionary. I certainly do not expect everyone who encounters me to be as radical as I...we are all in different stages of our journeys. But I will continue to share my knowledge and perspectives in the hope that they may be of use to others...that they may spur consideration and even action. Even if you do not share my views completely, I am excited to participate in the dialogue regarding our rights and freedoms to pursue health and wellness naturally, sanely, legitimately, efficaciously.

Perhaps you are not ready to share my dream of putting the majority of the medical industry out of business, or to see the "big-ag" commercial food industry turned completely on its head. But you might be ready to take your family's wellness and healing into your own hands...to learn how to be your own physician and real food chef, to nourish with clean food and heal with real medicine, to be empowered through self-care and self-sufficiency. And if you are already pursuing such things, you likely find pleasure, as I do, in perusing the knowledge and experiences of others and sharing within your circle of influence. Regardless of where each of us is on this spectrum, there is joy in the journey as we support and learn from one another. And I would be dishonest if I did not reiterate my desire to see our culture adopt the revolutionary spirit that will spur society to throw off the shackles of the harmful food and medical industries.

I did somehow create for myself more balls to juggle by establishing both this blog and an information website for my herbal/health business, EveryWiseWoman Herbals. In light of my desire to keep both alive for the foreseeable future, I am planning to use the Radically Natural Living platform primarily for articles on food and medical politics, as well as recipes and highlights of our GAPS protocol. EveryWiseWoman.org will be my repository of herbal lessons, ailment treatments, general remedies, healthy living information, etc. I will continue to link to relevant EWW articles here.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the planned articles for the coming year:

  • Self-care for appendicitis
  • Natural cardiovascular care
  • Remedies for strep throat
  • Understanding the hormone cascade
  • Fabulous Fat, the essential (and malevolently maligned) nutrient
  • Wonderful Water, the essential (and overlooked) element
  • Examining the "scientific method"
  • The exceptional egg yolk
  • The folly of feedlot beef
  • Botanical medicine: whole herb methodology

And, in honor of making and keeping resolutions and promoting revolutionary thinking/behaviour, I am planning a series of articles aimed at denuding the fear-based medical industry, targeting my sites on the vaccine industry, the cancer industry, and the birth industry.

Lofty goals, no doubt...we shall see how fares the execution. I make no promises, but I give my heartiest effort to the task. Until next time, keep learning, keep questioning, and Happy 2012!

EWWHerbals                                                                              "Every wise woman builds her house..."  Proverbs 14:1

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