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As I have been unable to devote any significant time to writing this month, I wanted to share some news items that have caught my attention and are (I believe) worthy of contemplation.  (Thanks to my valued contacts for their contributions...you know who you are.)

First up, we have a heart surgeon telling the public that the fear of fat so aggressively promoted by the establishment is a big, fat lie.  (And all the WAPF acolytes say: "We could have told you that!"  Nevertheless, it's good to see this truth getting more press.)  "The injury and inflammation in our blood vessels is caused by the low fat diet recommended for years by mainstream medicine."  Read more about What Really Causes Heart Disease.

Next, we have our infamous FDA considering the release of multiple pharmaceuticals into the "over-the-counter" category.  (How considerate!...making it easier for the masses to drug themselves further into chronic toxicity and not apply true healing cures.  I mean, we certainly wouldn't want people to continue seeking natural alternatives to prescription drugs.  Snark warning...oops, too late.)

Next, take a look at the beautiful truth about vitamin C and whooping cough.

Next, a cautionary tale for any parent who is concerned about vaccination (and you should be) and believes the government and doctors do NOT have the right (and they don't) to vaccinate your children without your consent.

And while we're talking about your rights to avoid the harms caused by vaccination, here's a great essay by Dr. Russell Blaylock on mandatory vaccination.  Blaylock is an outspoken neurosurgeon who works to warn the public about the dangers of vaccination. 

Next, read about how babies are harmed by their mothers' use of antidepressants.

Finally, here's an informative graphic look at the uselessness of the TSA's cancer machines (aka "body scanners").  (One caveat:  I don't agree with the downplayed stats of the cancer risk...otherwise, I enjoyed this map of the insanity that is the TSA and its unethical, immoral and illegal "grope and pillage" tactics.)

TSA Waste
Created by: Online Criminal Justice Degree

Well, that's it for now...I may come back later and add more as the cobwebs clear from the little grey cells.  My final thought for the day:  I don't take health advice from the government or the mainstream medical industry.  I hope you don't either.  Until next time, be well, stay informed and become your own expert!

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