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The view from 3,400 miles...

Yesterday, we returned home from a multi-state road trip during which we visited family and friends and journeyed into the midwest.  Our traveling dynamics have evolved through the years as our family has grown; the days of easy vacationing are long gone.  Mama needs a vacation from the vacation, eh? LOL  

The delight of seeing friends and family far outweighed the burdens of the trip and the ensuing fatigue and mountains of laundry.  As I cogitated upon our journey, I decided I had a few posts to share about the experience.  So, in the next couple of weeks, I hope to discuss traveling while on GAPS, muse about big ag/industrial food culture (it was impossible to miss the sights and smells of it while driving the midwest), gush about my new favorite (super "scary" sharp) kitchen knife, and talk about our homestead happenings.

Until then, be well and enjoy spring!

EWWHerbals                                                                              "Every wise woman builds her house..."  Proverbs 14:1

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