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Well, I Guess We're All Just a Bunch of Jerks

I'm sorry, I wasn't going to spend one minute on this, but I just couldn't help myself.  My kiddos are occupied with their Dad, so here goes...

Have you seen the ridiculous new "scientific research" that says eating organic food makes you a jerk?  REALLY?!  We have time for that kind of research now?  I'm sorry, but it seems to me that even pursuing such a hypothesis is a royal waste of time.  And, seriously, Who Cares?!  Are there not so many vastly more important issues to be pursued by researchers, scientists and John Q. Public?

The "study," conducted by a Loyola U. prof, querying 62 undergraduates, concluded that Organic food consumers are less altruistic and more judgmental.  (Wow...judgmental, stingy people...I think we just described vast members of the multitudes.)  And how did said professor determine this verdict?  By showing three student participant groups pictures of Organic and non-Organic food (no food was purchased or eaten by the participants), and then asking them to make judgments about certain activities (like shoplifting, bribery and incest).  

Because 20% of the students who viewed the pictures of Organic foods were "harsher" in their judgments of the immoral behaviour, and because they were not quick to volunteer for another study, we are served up the conclusion that eating Organic makes you judgmental and selfish.  Hence the headline: "Organic Food Might Make You a Jerk."  Wow!  What a compelling and airtight piece of scientific investigation and interpretation!  (Pardon me for my jerkish moment of sarcasm.)

I'm not sure what's worse...the fact that the professor made his "judgments" without actually investigating the everyday lives of actual Organic consumers, or that he is attempting to suggest that it is wrong to correctly judge immoral behaviour?  I'm not sure who to chide for this study...was it sponsored by an Industrial Food Corporation or by some Socialist thought police group (aka: certain government leaders and wealthy megalomaniacs who believe we should live in a world with no absolute truth; who would allow no differences in lifestyles, belief systems and opinions; that there is no right or wrong)?

So, if we play along for just a moment with the silly study's premises and conclusions, we find that people who buy Organic have a superiority complex...they are condescending, perhaps?  Hmmm...seems to me I've heard this tune before.  Let's see...(again, just pretending that this "scientific" premise and conclusion were accurate) are Organic food eaters unique in their jerkiness?  Not quite!  Profusions of people from the beginning of time have had superiority complexes...people look down on others for myriad reasons:  ethnicity, religion, social status, personality, you name it.  Methinks this problem is nothing new.

I can think of loads of people who act condescendingly and judgmental to others...who believe we "little people" need to be put in our place.  How about some of the persons with the initials MD behind their names?  How about aggressive government agents toting guns and cuffs?  (That's right, I'm talking about you, power-hungry-arrest-happy-no-warrant-needed-going-after-citizens-who-defy-us-and-sell-Real-Food, FDA!)

OK, now that I've got that off my chest, allow me to say this:  I don't believe anyone should act like a jerk to anyone else.  It's simply bad human conduct.  I have been on the receiving end of jerks...we all have.  Most of my experiences have not been with people who eat Real Food and I truly hope yours are not.  And, as for myself, I know I tend to rail...I get passionate...I try to direct my anger (righteous, I'd like to believe) at the correct villains.  Yes, I'm a food snob.  But that means I'm quite picky about my food choices...it doesn't mean I pick on others for theirs.  Rather, I'm concerned for people who live with unhealthy food choices.  I'm concerned for their children.  That's why I try to teach good nutrition...the truth about Real Food...to spur anyone not already "in the know" toward nourishing choices.  It's because I care.  If that makes me a jerk, well, I'll wear that badge.  I'll be the nicest jerk in town.  And I'll encourage any "scientists" I meet to spend their time (and grant givers' money) on more appropriate, worthy, positive life-changing venues.

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