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The more you learn, the more you know...the more you will grow and discern and thrive. Few things in life are as important or empowering as your own knowledge and skills base.

I am currently affiliated with Mountain Rose Herbs, my favorite herb supplier, and Amazon. If you make a purchase through one of the links on my site, I will receive a small commission. I do not endorse everything published or sold on the following sites. This information is shared for your edification and education. These are the places I go to learn, shop and savor.

This list is a continual work in progress...

Herbs: Learning and Supplies

Henriette's Herbal picture gallery
Mrs. Grieve's Searchable Herbal

Annie's Remedy Herbal Database
Rosemary Gladstar
The Leaf Lady
The Modern Herbal
Species At-Risk list 
Dr. Christopher's Herbal Legacy
American Herbalists Guild 
American Botanical Council
MW's Indispensable Herbs List
Learning Herbs (Herb Mentor)
Herbs2000 Database

Herbal Preparations by Herbalist Jim McDonald
Survival Plants Memory Course 
Herbal Reference List
Schulze's Top Ten

Homeopathy Works 
Mountain Rose Herbs (completely organic/wildcrafted...no conventionals)
Wilderness Family Naturals (also sells real food)
Bulk Herb Store

Ancestree Herbals
Urban Moonshine (herbal tonics and bitters)
Live Superfoods
Specialty Bottle
Savvy Teas & Herbs
Aroma Therapeutix (essential oils)

Health & Wellness

HomeFirst with Mayer Eisenstein
Natural News
Journal of Am. College of Nutrition
Weston Price Foundation

Price's Nutrition and Physical Degeneration Free Online
Cholesterol and Health 
Vitamin D Council
Brownstein (Thyroid/Iodine/Salts)

Dr. John Lee, natural hormone therapy 
Lee's Hormone Balance Test
Dr. Lam, Adrenal Fatigue Center
Dr. Wilson's Adrenal Fatigue Program
Adrenal Fatigue Test
Richard Schulze, herbalist/naturopath
Sam Biser, health journalist
Int'l Chiropractic Pediatric Assoc.
Health Freedom USA
Alliance for Natural Health

What Doctors Don't Tell You
Natasha Campbell McBride
The Home Physician (19th Century Encyclopedia)
American Anti-Cancer Institute
Beyond Pesticides

Healing Remedies/Foods/Supplies

Activated Charcoal
Epsom Salt Council
Coconut Oil and Soy Research
Discount Juicers
Radiant Life
Cultures for Health
Live Superfoods
Tropical Traditions (coconut oil and more)

Iodine for Health

Benefits of Coffee Enemas
How and Why to Do Coffee Enema

Real Food

Real Food Media
Naughty Nutritionist 
Urban Homestead
Raw Food Talk
Holistic Kid
Our Nourishing Roots
Salatin's Polyface Farms
Acres USA
Food Renegade

Gapalicious (delicous GAPS eating)
NZ Healthy Kitchen
Nourishing Gourmet
Nourished Kitchen

The Well Fed Homestead
The Healthy Home Economist
Nourishing Cook
Sustainable Farmer

Outdoor Edibles (wild foraging)
Wildman Steve Brill
(foraging for edible plants)

Pregnancy/Birth/Natural Mothering

Spinning Babies (getting baby in proper birth position)
Business of Being Born
Waterbirth Int'l
BMJ Study Homebirth Outcomes
Epidural Epidemic
Mothering Magazine
Ina May Gaskin
The Farm Midwives
Gentle Birth resource
Citizens for Midwifery
Midwifery Today Journal
Mama Natural
Cesarean Rates
The Unnecesarean

Children's Health

Case Against Circumcision
Caring for intact son
Viera Scheibner vaccine/children's health info
Global Vaccine Awareness League
Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute
Russell Blaylock, neurologist warns agains vaccines

International Medical Council on Vaccination 
Vaccine Liberation Index
National Vaccine Info Center

Polio vaccines cause polio paralysis
Suzanne Humphries speaks out against vaccines

UK Doctor Exposes Knowledge of Vaccine Harm
Polish Study: No Historical Benefit from Vaccines
CDC Whistleblower Confesses to Autism Coverup
Vitamin C Treatment of Whooping Cough
Homeopathics as Alternatives to Vaccination
15 Things You Should Know about Being an Anti-Vaxxer
A Case Against Vaccination

Health Dangers/Issues

Roundup Destroys Health
The Real Deal on Adrenal Fatigue
The Impact of Coffee on Your Adrenal Glands
Coffee and Hormones
Dr. Lam's Adrenal Fatigue Center
How to Identify Adrenal Fatigue on Your Blood Test
Adrenal Support 
Dr. John Lee: Progesterone and Wellness
Stop the Thyroid Madness
50 Tips to Help You Reverse Thyroid Disease

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