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Radical = relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; 
forming an inherent or fundamental part of the nature of someone or something; 
thorough and intended to be completely curative;
far-reaching or thorough, innovative or progressive

Who I Was...
A nonconformist and "contrarian" by nature, I was one of those young people who questioned, questioned, questioned.  I wanted to know everything about everything...and wanted to uncover the hidden truths that I was convinced were buried everywhere.  That inclination, coupled with a passion for research and a knack for writing, compelled me to study Journalism...(perhaps) naive in my youth, I believed I could change the world by exposing suppressed truth.  And my studies fulfilled my particular need for artistic expression.  I won some awards and received a degree from one an acclaimed university communications programs.  I studied and worked in radio, broadcasting, photography, writing and editing.  I was employed for some years as a professional reporter and editor.  My youthful passion was soon challenged by entrenched status quo mentalities; my once emboldened goals lost their vigor as my ideas and work were routinely curtailed.  Thus ended that chapter.....well, not ended, really...but certainly metamorphosed.

Circumstances in life changed and so did I.  The chronic health problems (severe allergies, migraines and other autoimmune malfunctions) that had plagued me since childhood began to make my professional life miserable and my personal life difficult.  I was driven to make extreme changes in my lifestyle; I began a personal health journey that eventually became a consuming life's work.  I thrust myself into new areas of research; as I learned about my health and studied ways to improve it, I acquired knowledge and skills that would eventually prove to benefit people beyond myself and my family.  I became a student of natural health modalities...I desired to learn all I could in this lifetime.  One thing I have learned, beyond any doubt, is that conventional medicine is not Real Medicine and it does not heal.

Who I Am...
Still a nonconformist, a questioner, activist, lover of learning, researcher, radical.  I no longer see extraordinary advantage in an "elite" system of education that creates "experts" to whom we must defer and to whom we owe absolute trust.  I do not believe that only a specialized education ending with the receipt of a certificate makes one knowledgable; I have come to eschew our culture's worship of "expertism."  More than ever before, I understand that truth is routinely suppressed...and the result is an epidemic of chronic health problems for our society.  There is a cultural presupposition in America that government and medical agencies are a bastion of knowledge and protection for the public...and that they are fully authoritative, accurate and honest.  I do not subscribe to this presupposition.  Medical politics are the enemy of Real Medicine and legitimate health care.

I am no longer young and naive, nor am I yet old and remarkably wise.  But I have studied and practiced natural health for 15 years.  My numerous health struggles provided me a platform from which to "apprentice" and learn from various practitioners.  In addition, I am a voracious reader (who has been blessed with the ability to collect a vast library).  Among other healing modalities, I have acquired skills and knowledge in herbalism, classical homeopathy, real nutrition, and pregnancy/birth.  My journey is not complete...I see a long, winding path before me that I am eager to traverse.  Life is about learning and blessing others with our knowledge and abilities...I am eager to do so.

My Mission...
Through the years, I have reiterated information with and prescribed similar courses of healing to numerous friends, family members, neighbors, even strangers, across the country (and the ocean once or twice).  It became apparent that I needed a way to share information and consultations in a more concise and less time-consuming fashion.  My husband suggested a web site; due to continual time constraints, I have not been able to physically complete the cornucopia I desire to provide.  This is my first attempt.  To be honest, I doubt I can carve out the time to create with completeness the encyclopedia I truly want to provide.  But I will dabble here and see what emerges.  [I should explain that I have chosen not to enable comments for a reason...if people were to ask questions or seek further help, I would certainly want to answer...but I have not the time, nor the emotional energy currently.  Perhaps in future.  And I am not interested in entering the forum of public debate...others better equipped and qualified are already fighting that fight.]

I desire to educate people about health, nutrition and a natural lifestyle so they can thrive, overcome illness, and enjoy vibrancy.  I long to see people question the status quo, study, research and learn.  I want people to understand that they are not victims to genetics as much as they are to their choices.  My goal is to be an encyclopedic clearing house for all things "real health."  My youthful dreams haven't completely dissipated...I still aspire to educate, to expose truth; and I once told a friend that one of my lifelong ambitions is to know something about EVERYTHING.  It is a work in progress, LOL...but in the meantime, I want to share with all of you much of what I do know about health, in hopes that you will begin your own journey and take back or preserve your health.

My Vision...
To see people truly educated about health and healing.  To see the barriers fall away that are keeping people shackled to the lies of "conventional wisdom."  To see people seize personal responsibility for their health and lifestyles.  To see people apply real healing modalities that work to create wellness.  To see people adopt a radically natural lifestyle and reap the resultant health benefits.

Become your own expert!!!  

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