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"Birth works; we just have to get out of the way!" 
-- Midwife Elizabeth Davis, "Hearts and Hands"

I am a birth junkie.  I thrill at the miracle and beauty of babies beginning, becoming, and finally, being born.  I am more than partial to home waterbirths (mine were the most empowering experiences of my life), but I am absolutely passionate about Real Birth.  As an aspiring midwife and a woman who has suffered debilitating pregnancies, but was blessed so much through giving birth, I desire to help build a positive birth culture in this country.

It is crucial for women to understand that, contrary to the FDA's and ACOG's manipulations and misinformation, pregnancy IS NOT an illness!  I hope to share with as many women as I can as much as I can...to assist you all in having a healthier, natural, more positive pregnancy and birth; and baby care, too!  An empowering and healthy birth is just the beginning.  A world rich with learning experiences awaits after baby arrives.  I hope to inspire as yet "non-crunchy" mamas to join the natural mama lifestyle, so all women and children can reap the benefits of natural birthing, natural living, on-demand and extended breastfeeding, baby wearing, no vaxing, no circ-ing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, real food eating, real medicine self-treating, and more!

If you are planning for your first pregnancy and birth, seeking your first Real birth experience, or just want to stay abreast of information and issues, please peruse the resources listed under the Real Birth category in my Library.  I have found them to be invaluable.  Also, see below for external resource Links.

I hope to provide more content here in future.

Essays and Articles
FDA Attacks Real Birth
Laboring Under Delusions: Fear Facilitates Our Broken Birth Culture

Pregnancy/Birth Resources and Issues
FDA seizes, threatens to destroy waterbirth pools (what's next...confiscating blow-up kiddie pools?!)
Maternal Mortality Facts
Maternal Deaths Resultant from Hospital Birth
Maternal Death Rates Linked to C-sections
Why We (as a Culture) Truly Need Homebirth
Deadly Deliveries (Amnesty Int'l Report: highlights how hospital births contribute to or cause maternal death; includes nationwide C-section rates)
Unnecesarean blog
Cesarean Rates
World Life

Children's Health
National Vaccine Info Center
Int'l Medical Council on Vaccination
Diaper Swappers for awesome used and new cloth diapers and more!
Diaper Pin for great cloth diaper reviews
Kellymom's Extended Breastfeeding fact sheet...because the benefits of breastfeeding just keep going!

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