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An Open Letter to President Trump...Stop Medical Rape, aka Forced Vaccination

Dear President Trump,

I would like to believe that you are unlike other men in government today, unique even among many presidents…that you are a man of integrity that cannot be bought and sold…a man who sees agendas and understands corruption.

I beseech you, sir, to directly and swiftly address the human rights violation now occurring across this country…forced vaccination.  The pharmaceutical interests have captured the congresses in states such as California and New York, and the movement grows…an insidious disease that strips us of our human rights endowed to us at conception by our Creator.  Forced vaccination is nothing more than medical rape; it is indeed a form of human bondage.  We are created with bodily autonomy and no one has the right to choose for us, nor for our children, what is to be injected into our bodies.  

I will not tire you with a discourse on the controversy and harms of vaccination; I have no doubt you are well versed on the issue.  Even now, the vaccine industry is using censorship and misinformation, even outright lies and intimidation to control the people…cronyism and fear of profit loss encourages participation in this agenda by Google, Amazon and others.  Fabrications and fear-mongering are being spread by the elite throughout the populace.  The people have a right to informed consent…to study all sides of any issue.  I do not believe it is hyperbole to proclaim that we are seeing a growing exertion of censorship, control and restriction of free speech akin to the Third Reich.

Mr. President, this is happening on your watch.  Will you not write an executive order that reverses the human rights violations being perpetrated against people who live on this land?  Ensure us our inalienable right to choose…to refuse this vaccination violation.  No evidence exists to corroborate the claims being made by the medical establishment and vaccine manufacturers.  No deadly harm threatens the people of this nation by allowing vaccination choice.  If people want to choose vaccination, regardless of the facts that persuade against such action, they may.  But in like manner, those of us who are educated, who know better, have every right to choose NOT to vaccinate.

Sir, do not remain silent as the people are victimized by a profit-mad agenda that strips us of our fundamental human right to refuse harm to our bodies.

Ought we not be free to choose?  Ought not the land of America stand for something akin to its traditions?  If we have no rights over what is forced upon our very bodies, we are in no way free.  If any modern president might see the value in this, I am hopeful it is you.

EWWHerbals                                                                              "Every wise woman builds her house..."  Proverbs 14:1

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