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Mandatory Pediatric Chemo May Become Standard Protocol...

...And you will be treated as a criminal if you don't comply.  This is coercion and tyranny of the worst sort, as the victims will be your children and you will be rendered helpless.  Chemotherapy is poisoning and it is NOT a cancer cure.  Whether you trust the cancer industry and its protocols or not (and I urge you not to, and to study the issue at great length), you certainly have the inalienable, human, and parental rights to make what you believe to be the best choices for your children.  The power should not lie in the hands of doctors and government officials who desire to act as a nanny state and control us all.  

Read about this important issue here:

Mandatory Pediatric Chemo: Child Abuse

To learn more truth about cancer, its genuine cures, and the cancer industry:


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