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Bill Gates Funding "Anti-Vaccine Group" Surveillance

Vaccine and population control mega-advocate Bill Gates is now funding anti-vaccine group surveillance.

For example, a $100K grant was recently disbursed to Seth C. Kalichman, professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Connecticut, for "Establishing an Anti-Vaccine Surveillance and Alert System," which intends to "establish an internet-based global monitoring and rapid alert system for finding, analyzing, and counteracting misinformation communication campaigns regarding vaccines to support global immunization efforts." 

In his efforts to further vaccine propaganda, Gates has said that anti-vaccine groups kill children.  Well, Mr. Gates, you can say whatever you like...that doesn't make it true.  It is common for powerful people to say whatever suits their purposes to further their agenda and their profits.  The truth is that vaccines have and do kill children, and their harm is irrefutable.  The truth is that vaccines do not eradicate disease.  The truth is that vaccinated children have been known to contract the illnesses for which they were vaccinated.  The truth is that contracting certain childhood illnesses is not a death sentence, but is actually beneficial for a healthy immune system.  The truth is very different from Gates' presentation of his version of the "facts."

If Gates truly cared for the well-being of children, he would advocate for legitimate vaccine education and parental choice.  Coercion is not education.  Regulating away personal freedoms never helped anyone.

Read the full article here:

Gates Foundation Funds Surveillance of Anti-Vaccine Groups

Learn more about the vaccination problem (many links and resources):

Protecting Our Children from Fear-Based Medicine and Vaccine Damage

TV Watching Is Bad for Your Brain

 Sure, I occasionally enjoy some television programming, especially of the PBS Masterpiece Theatre or Mystery variety.  I like to watch documentaries from time to time, or cooking shows.  I sometimes catch up on alternative news bites or fellow herbalists' techniques with youtube videos.  I'm not suggesting that any amount of TV indulgence will destroy all your brain cells.  But regular TV consumption does have a deleterious effect on the brain, especially on the developing brains of children.

Of course I make no apologies for being an avid lover of good books...educational non-fiction and good literature, much of it classic literature.  We all have different personal definitions of twaddle for both books and electronic programming.  Good books, not twaddle, have a positive effect on the brain.  Reading uses multiple brain processes, and brain activity during reading is heightened, whereas it diminishes during television viewing, which is a passive and "hypnotic" activity.  

I think it is fair to agree with our grandparents that we are a culture of "dumbed down" people compared to generations past, and it wasn't book reading that got us here.  A daily dose of TV watching creates less active brains and less thinking people.  To cogitate more on this issue, read:

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Mandatory Pediatric Chemo May Become Standard Protocol...

...And you will be treated as a criminal if you don't comply.  This is coercion and tyranny of the worst sort, as the victims will be your children and you will be rendered helpless.  Chemotherapy is poisoning and it is NOT a cancer cure.  Whether you trust the cancer industry and its protocols or not (and I urge you not to, and to study the issue at great length), you certainly have the inalienable, human, and parental rights to make what you believe to be the best choices for your children.  The power should not lie in the hands of doctors and government officials who desire to act as a nanny state and control us all.  

Read about this important issue here:

Mandatory Pediatric Chemo: Child Abuse

To learn more truth about cancer, its genuine cures, and the cancer industry:


Vitamin D Good! Sunscreen bad!

Our society is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of appropriate vitamin D levels, especially for pregnant women and children.  Vitamin D affects crucial systems in your body, impacting immunity and cellular activity, as well as bone formation and brain function.  Vitamin D helps to prevent cancer and is necessary for your body to absorb and use calcium.  Vitamin D is crucial to fetal development, especially brain development.  Vitamin D is vital to our health and our children's developing bodies for more reasons than I can give here.

The best source for vitamin D is sunlight.  Our habits of avoiding the sun and using copious amounts of (chemically laden) sunscreen have not improved our health, and has kept us from absorbing this most essential of nutrients.  Ironically, many sunscreens themselves presents cancer risks.  Spending a minimum of 20 minutes daily in direct sunshine (no sunscreen) with limbs exposed is a health tonic!  Does sunshine cause cancer?  I'll let you battle that controversy for yourself...suffice it to say that LACK of sunshine has certainly been shown to cause cancer.  And sunscreen isn't the benign shield we've been led to believe.  If you are concerned about sunburn or over-exposure, just cover up after your healthful sunbathing.  Hats and lightweight long sleeves make great sun shields.

Other good sources of vitamin D include Real Foods rich in the vitamin, such as pastured eggs, oysters, liver, and grass-fed raw butter.  Cod liver oil is rich in vitamin D, as is lard from pastured pigs.  Remember, source is everything...the animal products that you hope will nourish you are only as good as their feed and sun exposure.  Confined, primarily grain-based, GMO-fed animals will not only keep you malnourished, but they will damage your health.

To better understand how much vitamin D you need and why, please peruse the following information, including a link to a home test for determining your vitamin D levels:

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California Wants to Force Vaccinate...

A new bill before the California senate would effectively strip parents' rights to make vaccination decisions for their children.  

When Dr. Richard Pan’s bill, AB 2019, was debated in a public hearing before California’s Senate Committee on Health, Dawn Richardson, Director of Advocacy for the National Vaccination Information Center (NVIC), showed up to explain why she and her organization opposed the bill. If the bill is enacted into law, Richardson says, it will in effect force mandatory vaccinations onto children even when their parents have decided it’s in their best interest to deny them. Under current law, parents may file a “personal belief exemption” which allows their children to attend public school without vaccinations. But under Pan’s bill, a doctor must sign off on the parents’ decision first, and most of them won’t.

Mandatory Vaccination Battle Heats Up in CA

CA Bill to Restrict Vaccine Exemption

National Vaccine Information Center (news and guidance to help parents make informed vaccine decisions)

The Black and White Truth about Vaccine Damage

The Chalkboard Campaign, sponsored by VaxTruth.org, is working to educate parents about the truth of vaccine dangers.  The following video is a great, simple introduction to the significant problems associated with vaccination and the lies doctors tell.

Read more about the Chalkboard Campaign and study the information presented, such as the LACK of scientific evidence for the safety and efficacy of vaccinations, the evidences of vaccine-induced harm, and a comprehensive guide to vaccine ingredients:

Chalkboard Campaign overview and numerous articles

The Chalkboard Campaign Articles and Video on preventdisease.com

Vaccine Ingredients


You have a deathtrap in your kitchen...

We are all concerned with the food industry using nuclear waste to irradiate consumer foods (in the name of "safety," ridiculously enough...if big ag weren't allowed to practice such dirty farming techniques, we wouldn't have a problem that needed to be eradicated).  But how many people realize they are irradiating their foods and themselves at home?

If you use a microwave oven, you are causing serious harm to your food and yourself.  Microwaving is not cooking.  Among other assaults, a microwave depletes your food of nutrition and mutates its cellular structure (with a carcinogenic result).  No one who cares about the quality of their food and their long-term health should use a microwave oven.  And the offensives go deeper...  Did you ever wonder why hospitals shouldn't microwave blood before transfusions or why mothers are warned against microwaving baby's bottle (the potential results are death and malnutrition, respectively)?  

Read below for the shocking truth about microwave ovens, their history and their effects on our food and health.  This is information you need to know, and it isn't being promoted by our government, health agencies or the electronics industry.  Please unplug and throw out your microwave, then use the money you would have spent on an upgrade to buy a nice convection toaster oven or a new enameled or stainless pan.  Your body will thank you!

Microwave Hazards

Hidden Hazards of Microwaves

Microwaving Isn't Safe

Dangers of Microwaves

Tom Valentine's Original article in Nexus Magazine (for purchase)


Apple seeds (and apricot pits) can save your life

If you are like most Americans, you eat your fruit and toss the core...or pits.  Who would want to eat something as unappetizing as apple cores containing seeds, right?  And, hmmm, haven't we been told that apple seeds are dangerous for us because they contain cyanide?

It is once again time to defy the status quo, my friends.  Apple seeds, the inner seed of apricot pits, peach pits, etc., are not harmful...in fact, they contain a cancer-fighting substance known as Laetrile (or vitamin B17).  

This cancer preventative and cure has been used successfully for years around the world.  This substance is natural, nontoxic, and free (if you are eating it in your foods anyway)...and our government has banned it.  One man was actually sent to prison for selling and promoting apricot seeds as a cancer cure.  I know...unfathomable.  But, not really, once you begin to peel back the layers of corruption in the cancer industry and the government regulatory agencies that support it.

Don't take my word for it, read for yourself...please...and for your sake and the sake of your loved ones, don't begin your research with the ingrained presuppositions into which we have all been indoctrinated.

A wonderful place to begin your cancer truth journey is Ty Bollinger's book, Cancer: Step Outside the Box.  It is in its fifth edition and is an encyclopedic resource on how to avoid and treat/beat cancer, as well as a thorough expose on the cancer industry.  (The truth hurts, but it needs to be known.)  The information he shares is both staggering and uplifting.  His website and book are referenced below.

Read on to learn the truth about "cyanide" and laetrile, and discover how apple seeds (and other "inedibles") can save your life.

Eat your apple seeds!

War against Laetrile

Facts about Laetrile 

Foods containing Laetrile

CancerTruth.net (Bollinger's site)

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