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Mandatory Pediatric Chemo May Become Standard Protocol...

...And you will be treated as a criminal if you don't comply.  This is coercion and tyranny of the worst sort, as the victims will be your children and you will be rendered helpless.  Chemotherapy is poisoning and it is NOT a cancer cure.  Whether you trust the cancer industry and its protocols or not (and I urge you not to, and to study the issue at great length), you certainly have the inalienable, human, and parental rights to make what you believe to be the best choices for your children.  The power should not lie in the hands of doctors and government officials who desire to act as a nanny state and control us all.  

Read about this important issue here:

Mandatory Pediatric Chemo: Child Abuse

To learn more truth about cancer, its genuine cures, and the cancer industry:


Pasteurized Milk Causes Cancer

Finally, for those who still believe they need "experts," and "scientific studies" to confirm what common sense tells us about Real Food:

Harvard Study Confirms Industrial Pasteurized Milk Causes Cancer

I have nothing more to say; it's all been said by Real Food activists before...  But please, share this information with your friends, family and neighbors who are still on the fence or fully indoctrinated.  Knowledge is power, and sharing knowledge is a wonderful gift to give.

Actually, there is something more to say...be sure to read part two of the above-linked Natural News article, and note how our government is promoting further dangerous and health-destroying farming habits in U.S. dairies.

You have a deathtrap in your kitchen...

We are all concerned with the food industry using nuclear waste to irradiate consumer foods (in the name of "safety," ridiculously enough...if big ag weren't allowed to practice such dirty farming techniques, we wouldn't have a problem that needed to be eradicated).  But how many people realize they are irradiating their foods and themselves at home?

If you use a microwave oven, you are causing serious harm to your food and yourself.  Microwaving is not cooking.  Among other assaults, a microwave depletes your food of nutrition and mutates its cellular structure (with a carcinogenic result).  No one who cares about the quality of their food and their long-term health should use a microwave oven.  And the offensives go deeper...  Did you ever wonder why hospitals shouldn't microwave blood before transfusions or why mothers are warned against microwaving baby's bottle (the potential results are death and malnutrition, respectively)?  

Read below for the shocking truth about microwave ovens, their history and their effects on our food and health.  This is information you need to know, and it isn't being promoted by our government, health agencies or the electronics industry.  Please unplug and throw out your microwave, then use the money you would have spent on an upgrade to buy a nice convection toaster oven or a new enameled or stainless pan.  Your body will thank you!

Microwave Hazards

Hidden Hazards of Microwaves

Microwaving Isn't Safe

Dangers of Microwaves

Tom Valentine's Original article in Nexus Magazine (for purchase)


Apple seeds (and apricot pits) can save your life

If you are like most Americans, you eat your fruit and toss the core...or pits.  Who would want to eat something as unappetizing as apple cores containing seeds, right?  And, hmmm, haven't we been told that apple seeds are dangerous for us because they contain cyanide?

It is once again time to defy the status quo, my friends.  Apple seeds, the inner seed of apricot pits, peach pits, etc., are not harmful...in fact, they contain a cancer-fighting substance known as Laetrile (or vitamin B17).  

This cancer preventative and cure has been used successfully for years around the world.  This substance is natural, nontoxic, and free (if you are eating it in your foods anyway)...and our government has banned it.  One man was actually sent to prison for selling and promoting apricot seeds as a cancer cure.  I know...unfathomable.  But, not really, once you begin to peel back the layers of corruption in the cancer industry and the government regulatory agencies that support it.

Don't take my word for it, read for yourself...please...and for your sake and the sake of your loved ones, don't begin your research with the ingrained presuppositions into which we have all been indoctrinated.

A wonderful place to begin your cancer truth journey is Ty Bollinger's book, Cancer: Step Outside the Box.  It is in its fifth edition and is an encyclopedic resource on how to avoid and treat/beat cancer, as well as a thorough expose on the cancer industry.  (The truth hurts, but it needs to be known.)  The information he shares is both staggering and uplifting.  His website and book are referenced below.

Read on to learn the truth about "cyanide" and laetrile, and discover how apple seeds (and other "inedibles") can save your life.

Eat your apple seeds!

War against Laetrile

Facts about Laetrile 

Foods containing Laetrile

CancerTruth.net (Bollinger's site)

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